Why We Could Make A Successful Playgorund For You

1:Experienced project managers.We believe that good understanding of the clients’ needs is the key to make a successful playground. So all of our projects manages have over 5 years working experience in the playground industry,They would do necessary communication with our clients and decide on a direction to guide the future playground design,production,installation and after sales service.Rich experience would help to avoid any detours in the way to a success.

2:Strict producing SOP. To make sure the all playground equipment we produce meet the needs of the safety standards, we have strict SOP for each item, no matter which worker is working, they need to follow the exact same standard which was already set according to the safety standards. besides we have OC department which would have overall control on all the finished products. so basically all OPLAY’s products have the same and high quality standard.

3:Experienced workers. As the world factory, we are grateful that our factory is located in China, we could be able to find experienced industry workers who have strong will to follow the standards and have the diligent quality. Especially for the playground equipment industry,as labour concentrated industry,reliable workers are the core of the a reliable factory.

4:Realizable design. It is common in the designing process that to make the design fantastic to attract the clients,but finally the real product is far away the same to the design. This would not happen for OPLAY, Our no 1 rule in making the design is to “give you what you see”. But it does not mean that our design is too common, please check the design in the website or contact us for more information.

5:Professional installation. Besides the equipment itself, installation is a key factor for the success for a playground, we usually send our experienced installation engineers to your site to make installation, otherwise we would send detailed installation drawings to guide you to make the installation,

6:In-time after sales serives. The completion of the installation for the playground is not the end of our serives, we would stand by and be ready to solve any concerns you would have in the future running of the playground, and it is not limited to the equipment concern, we would also offer more support serive for the playground running and marketing activity.

Post time: Apr-03-2023