Some questions you may have

How much is the playground?

All the playgrounds are customzied depending on the exact certain locations whcih have different sizes and heights. not to mention the different needs from different clients.  so there is not a rule for the price. please contact us and let us know more about your needs, then we could give an estimation for the price. Contact us

What i need to have to make a playground design?

To make a design, you should have the floor plan and know the available clear height in the location,then you could contact us to have more discussion about the design.

Do you sell to other countries?

Yes, we sell to all countires around the world. and we could help to arrnage the ocean shipping for you or coordinate with your pointed shipping agent to arrange the shipping.

How long it takes to finish a playground?

Usually it takes 25-35 days for us to make the prodcution after the design is finalzied, and shipping usually depends on where is the final arriving seaport, if we make ship to USA, it may takes 30 days,  and with abother 30 days for the installation, so usually for a proejct in USA, it takes around 3-4 monthes to finish the whole playgournd.

Can i choose the colors and themes for my playground design?

Yes, sure all the playgrounds are customized according to exact needs, we have different standards themes for your choice , and we could make customzied design too with your wanted IP and colors.