Quality System

What's the difference in the quality of indoor playgrounds?

As the most professional indoor playground manufacturer in China, we are committed to designing and manufacturing indoor playground that meet international safety and quality standards.

Oplay uses only the best materials and follows a strict manufacturing process to create safe, durable and well-designed indoor playgrounds for its customers. We are very committed to making and producing quality products because we know how important this is to our customers' indoor playground business.

So why does the quality of the indoor playground matter?

It goes without saying that the safety of children should be the most important thing on any playground, especially in the indoor playground. Specially in some countries, indoor playgrounds cannot be opened until they have passed strict security checks. Therefore, having high quality equipment is the first step to ensure the safety of indoor playground.

In the long run, having high-quality indoor playground equipment will significantly reduce maintenance costs and ensure long-term profitability. On the other hand, low-quality equipment requires frequent maintenance, which in turn turns a profitable business into a loss. Low quality products can cause many safety problems and cause customers to lose trust in the playground and stop visiting.

European and north American safety standards

Product safety and quality has always been Oplay's top priority. Our game equipment is made of the highest quality materials, and our playgrounds are tested and certified to the most stringent international standards (ASTM) from material safety to the safety of the entire structure.

By complying with these standards, we can minimize the risk of injury to indoor playgrounds and ensure that they pass any national safety inspection, mandatory or voluntary. It takes years of experience in the industry to understand these safety standards and to invest significant resources and effort to actually implement and properly integrate them in the design and manufacturing process.

What's the difference in the quality of indoor arenas?

At first glance, indoor playgrounds from different manufacturers look similar, but they are a patchwork of pieces, while under the surface the quality of indoor playgrounds varies widely due to different materials, manufacturing techniques, attention to detail and installation. Here are some examples of what to look for in a quality park.

Steel Structure
Webbing Equipment
Soft Parts Material
Soft Play Products
The Installation
Steel Structure

Steel Pipe
We use steel tube wall thickness of 2.2mm or 2.5mm. These specifications will be specified in the sales contract and will be validated by the customer upon receipt of our product.
Our steel tube is hot-dip galvanized steel tube. When galvanizing, the whole steel tube is immersed in the molten zinc bath. Therefore, the inside and outside of the pipe are protected repeatedly and will not be rusted even for many years. By contrast, other companies use less costly processes such as "electroplating", which is not really galvanized steel and is much less resistant to corrosion and is often rusted by the time it reaches the installation site.

Our proprietary clamps are made of hot-dip galvanized malleable steel with a wall thickness of 6mm, which is stronger and more durable than the cheap clamps.
The customer can hammer through the clamp to test its quality. You can easily tell the difference between the low-quality clamps because they will break and our clamps will not suffer any damage.
The diversity of the clamps has enabled us to design and build more reliable and tidier looking indoor playgrounds.

The steel pipe on the ground need powerful cast iron anchor support, bolt should be fixed on the concrete floor, so that the steel tube steady in the proper position.
Other suppliers in the domestic pipe can simply sit on the floor, can also be installed in the plastic substrate, this is a replacement for our cast iron base of cheap and low quality, no security scheme.

Webbing Equipment

Safety net

Our safety net is a tightly knit net certified for outdoor use, which is more durable than other domestic suppliers' grids.

Next to our wave slide, we will set up anti-climbing nets around to prevent children from climbing up the slide from the exit.

For customers with safety standards, we will install a very small mesh with a high quality anti-crawl net to prevent children from climbing on the structure and being in danger.

Soft Parts Material

All of our wood parts are made from high quality plywood. Compared with many other domestic manufacturers use cheaper logs, this not only vulnerable, and due to possible pest damage is unfavorable to use for a long time.
The use of wood have various customers with different requirements of the state or country, we can also meet their demands, and use the local standard authentication of plywood.
PVC Wrappings

Our PVC wrappings are all produced by the best manufacturers in China. These 18 ounces of industrial-grade high strength PVC leather thickness is 0.55 mm, the inside coating by 1000 d woven nylon reinforcement, enable it to under, after years of intense wear remain soft tactility.
We only use high density foam as a liner for all soft products, so our soft products can remain unchanged for many years. And we will cover all the contact surfaces of the plywood with foam to ensure the safety of children when they play.

Soft pipes and zip ties

The foam pipes of the soft coating are 1.85cm and the pipe diameter is 8.5cm.

The PVC shell has a pure and bright color and is also resistant to ultraviolet light, ensuring that the pipe remains flexible and durable even when exposed to sunlight.

The foamed plastics of other domestic enterprises are usually only 1.6 centimeters thick, and the pipe diameter is only 8 centimeters. The PVC shell is not resistant to ultraviolet light and easy to cause color fading. The PVC shell itself also becomes fragile with time.

We use more bundling to fix the foam to the steel tube. The distance between our adjacent bundling is usually 15cm to 16cm, while other manufacturers usually leave a distance of 25cm to 30cm to save material and installation costs. Our installation method will make the connection between the soft warranty and the grid structurally more compact and reliable, greatly reducing customer maintenance costs.

Soft Play Products

Climbing Ramps and stairs
We have a layer of high density EVA foam on the. This layer of sponge enables the ramps and stairs to withstand children's jumps and retain their original shape for a long time.
Attach the safety net directly to both sides of the ladder to ensure there is no gap or space between the two and the child will not slip.
The area at the bottom of the ladder will also be fenced off with a safety net to keep children out, but an entrance will be set aside for staff to enter for maintenance.
Punching bags
Our boxing bags are filled with sponges and tightly wrapped in our high strength PVC skin to give them flexibility and a plump and upscale appearance.
And we use very strong and durable wire ropes to connect it to the frame. The punching bag can also rotate freely under the fixation of this special wire rope.
The steel wire exterior is covered with a padded PVC skin, which ensures safe play for children, and is an elevated detail for the entire device.
X barrier bag

The end of our X barrier is made of elastic material to make climbing more fun and challenging. Many companies do not use elastic material at the end, which makes the barrier a bit stiff and dull. All of our elastic forest barriers are filled with a high density of synthetic cotton, similar to the padding used for plush toys, which stays plump for a long time. By contrast, many other manufacturers typically fill their products with a variety of waste products.


The thickness and quality of EVA floor mat also play an important role in the indoor children's paradise, good floor mat in addition to better texture, often thickness and wear resistance is better, good floor mat can make you do not need to often replace the floor mat.

The Installation

The installation process is an important part of building an indoor playground. The quality of installation will affect the finished result of the indoor playground. This is why an indoor playground is considered complete only when it has been fully installed and has undergone safety checks. If the playground is not properly installed, the safety and quality of the indoor playground will be greatly affected regardless of the quality of the equipment.

Oplay has an experienced and skilled professional installation team. Our installation technicians have an average of 8 years of playground installation experience. They have installed more than 100 indoor playgrounds around the world, and follow strict standards to ensure that they are properly installed, not only safe and durable, but also give the park a high-quality appearance and are easier to maintain. Our professional installation team is the foundation of our installation quality assurance. In contrast, many other suppliers do not have their own installers, but subcontract the installation work to others, so they have no control over the quality of the installation work.