Safety Standard

Child safety is a primary requirement for indoor amusement parks, and it is our responsibility to design and produce amusement parks that meet these standards.

In Europe and the United States and other developed regions, due to the importance of indoor safety and years of mature market environment, so in the indoor playground has a system and complete safety standards, has gradually been widely accepted as the international safety standards.

The indoor playground built by sea shell fully conforms to the world's major safety standards such as EN1176 and American ASTM, and has passed the American ASTM1918, EN1176 and AS4685 safety certification test. The international safety standards we follow in design and production include:


The United States ASTM F1918-12

ASTM F1918-12 is the first safety standard specifically designed for indoor playgrounds and is one of the internationally accepted safety standards for indoor playgrounds.

All materials used in seasell have passed the ASTM F963-17 standard for fire and non-toxic testing, and all playgrounds we have installed in North America have passed the region's safety and fire tests. In addition, we have passed the ASTM F1918-12 standard on the structural safety standard, which ensures that your park can pass the local safety test whether it is necessary or not.

The European Union EN 1176

EN 1176 is a safety standard for indoor and outdoor playgrounds in Europe and is accepted as a general safety standard, although it is not limited to indoor safety as in astm1918-12.

All our materials have passed the test of standard EN1176. In the Netherlands and Norway, our playgrounds for our clients have passed rigorous indoor testing.


Australia AS 3533 & AS 4685

As3533 & AS4685 are another standard specially developed for indoor amusement safety. We have also done a detailed study on this safety standard. All materials have passed the test, and all standards have been integrated into the design and production installation.

Post time: Apr-03-2023