Soft tumbler

  • Dimension: 0.98’x0.98’,D: 0.98’
  • Model: OP- tumbler
  • Theme: Non-themed 
  • Age group: 0-3 , 3-6 
  • Levels: 1 level 
  • Capacity: 0-10 
  • Size:0-500sqf 
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    Product Description

    Soft tumbler is an addition to the indoor playground experience for children of all ages. This innovative design combines safety and fun in one exciting product.

    With its soft padding and durable construction, the soft tumbler offers a safe environment for children to play and explore their physical abilities. It is perfect for crawling, rolling, flipping, and bouncing, promoting the development of gross motor skills while providing countless hours of entertainment.

    The soft tumbler is designed to be the hub of activity in any indoor playground. Its unique design allows children to jump on it from different angles, climb over it, and even use it as an obstacle course. It is the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to any play area.

    One of the main advantages of the soft tumbler is its safety features. The soft padding and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries to children while playing, making it the ideal choice for parents and daycare centers. And, of course, the bright colors and eye-catching design will keep children engaged for hours on end.

    The soft tumbler is also an excellent way to encourage children to interact and develop social skills. It is a product that promotes teamwork and collaboration, allowing children to work together to navigate this exciting playground apparatus.

    Suitable for

    Amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, kindergarten, day care center/kindergarten, restaurants, community, hospital etc


    Standard PP Film with cotton inside. And some toys packed in cartons


    Detailed installation drawings, project case reference, installation video reference, and installation by our engineer, Optional installation service


    CE, EN1176,  ISO9001, ASTM1918, AS3533 qualified


    (1) Plastics parts: LLDPE, HDPE, Eco-friendly, Durable

    (2) Galvanized Pipes: Φ48mm, thickness 1.5mm/1.8mm or more, covered by PVC foam padding

    (3) Soft parts: wood inside, high flexible sponge, and good flame-retarded PVC covering

    (4) Floor Mats: Eco-friendly EVA foam mats, 2mm thickness,

    (5) Safety Nets: square shape and multiple color optional, fire-proof PE safety netting

    Customizability: Yes

    Soft play toys are one of the children's favorite, our soft play toys can complement the theme design of the playground, so that children can feel their connection when playing, and all our materials have passed the safety certification to ensure the safety of use.

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