Volcano slide for indoor kids play center

  • Dimension: 8.5’,11.5’
  • Model: OP-Volcano slide
  • Theme: Non-themed 
  • Age group: 3-6 , 6-13 , Above 13 
  • Levels: 2 levels 
  • Capacity: 10-50 , 50-100 
  • Size:0-500sqf , 500-1000sqf , 1000-2000sqf , 2000-3000sqf , 4000+sqf 
  • Product Detail

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    Another classic indoor playground product is the volcano, Literally like the name of it, it is a product by which you could have the feel of sliding down from a volcano, everyone needs to rely on their own efforts to climb to the top of the volcano and slide down for the fun. Suitable for all users from children to adults, full of fun and challenging. Let the child in the struggle to climb and indulge in the fall can feel the same joy.

    We basically have 2 sizes for the indoor playground volcano, and the patters and image on the surface of the volcano could be customized with your logo and mascot.

    Suitable for
    Amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, kindergarten, day care center/kindergarten, restaurants, community, hospital etc

    Standard PP Film with cotton inside. And some toys packed in cartons

    Detailed installation drawings, project case reference, installation video reference and installation by our engineer, Optional installation service

    CE, EN1176,  ISO9001, ASTM1918, AS3533 qualified



    (1) Plastics parts: LLDPE, HDPE, Eco-friendly, Durable
    (2) Galvanized Pipes: Φ48mm, thickness 1.5mm/1.8mm or more, covered by PVC foam padding
    (3) Soft parts: wood inside, high flexible sponge, and good flame-retarded PVC covering
    (4) Floor Mats: Eco-friendly EVA foam mats, 2mm thickness,
    (5) Safety Nets: square shape and multiple color optional, fire-proof PE safety netting
    Customizability: Yes

    Indoor playground is like the fun world for kids, it could contain multiple different play areas with different play activities catering for different kids age group. we mix adorable play elements together in our indoor playground to create an immersive play environment for kids. From design to production, these play elements meet the requirements of ASTM, EN, CSA. Which is the highest safety and quality standards around the world.

    We offer some standard products for choice, also we could make customized products according to special needs. please check the products we have and contact us for more choices.

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