What Is Indoor Playground?

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Indoor playground as its name implies is a playground that is built in an indoor area. They are specially designed for children to play and bring them great fun.As before we could also call it Soft Contained Play Equipment(SCPE) or soft playground because it is a type of playground characterized by plastic tubes for children to crawl through, ball pools, climbing nets, slides, and padded floors. but nowadays  we slightly expand the concept of it, we usually combine trampoline, climbing wall, rope course, etc together to make an all-round play center, so we usually  prefer to call it indoor playground or indoor play center, sometimes if the scale of it is big enough, we could call it an FEC(Family entertainment center) ,some of the common play elements in an indoor playground are shown below.


Soft play structure 
Soft play structure is essential for indoor playground, especially for some small play center with low clear height.  They can be as simple as a small soft play structure with basic play events (for example,slide, donut slidevolcano slide or other interactive soft play,  and toddler area products like ball pool or mini house , or they can be a  multi-level play system including hundreds of play elementss with different theme options.


A trampoline is a play element with a steel structure inside and a bouncy trampoline bed fixed on the surface of the structure. and now some clients choose to combine the foam pit,climbing wall,basketball,dodgeball ,etc with the trampoline to make it more fun for both kids and adults.


Climbing wall
The climbing wall is a game needing more core strength and skills, we could make it to 6m,7m, and 8m depending on the different needs of the clients.  we always try to add more flavor to a climbing wall, for example, we could add a timer on it then players could have a competition, we could also add some lights in it, once the player reaches the top and press the button, there would be some lightening aesthetics and maybe some sounds coming out.


Ninja course
Ninja course is a game designed like a tv show-Ninja warrior, it is equipped with many different obstacles, player needs to finish the course with shorter to be the winner, we do have two kinds of ninja course:1:ninja course 2 junior ninja course especially for kids and teenagers.


Donut slide
Donut slide is a game like grass skating, we use the specialized tire as the donut and skating floor as the grass to give player the feeling of skating in real grass. we also have big donut slide and small donut slides for different usage.


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